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Below are the few list of product that we have developed during the journey from 2000 to till now.

School Manager:

This is the product that deals with all the management work that is handled by the management of the school. Some of the features of this product are: Student Database, Fee Calculation, Due Fees Report, Examination, Accounting, Staff Salary and Advance, etc.
Price details (₹. 15000-30000)

Manufaturing System:

This product deals with all the work that is related to the purchase of raw material and conversion of raw material to final good and then to the sale of the product. Some feature of this type of product are: Sale Purchase report, Manufacturing Details, Monthly purchase of raw material report and converison of it into finish good and then deliver to End User etc.
Price details (₹. 25000-32000)

Liberary Management System:

This product deals with the task that is being performed by the liberary management. Some of the features of Liberary management are: Book issue, Rack wise Book Management, Late Submission fine, Records of different categories like Book, Magazine, Journals, Newspaper, Complete information of book like Book Author, No. of Pages, Title, Cost, Issue Date, Issued Person, Different Type of report like Total no of books in liberary, No.of issued book etc. and Automatic fine collection for late returns etc.

Price details (₹. 25000)

Ice-Cream & Cold drink Parlour System:

This product deal with all the activities that are realted in managing the ice-cream.Some of the features of the products are: Stock Management, Rack Wise Ice Cream Stock , Purchase of stock , Sale detail, Billing ,Reports like Stock Report, Daily Stock Report, Rack Wise Stock Quantity Report, Monthly Sale and Purchase Reports etc.

Price details (₹. 20000)

Book Control System:

Some of the features of this product are: Book Stock, Sales, Purchase, Accounting, Terms and Conditions, Address Book, Correspondence, School Record , Gift etc.
Price details (₹. 25000)

Pathology System:

Some of the features of this product are: Default Setting, Histopathology / Cytology, Bio-Chemical, Hematological, Seminal Fluid, Bactoriological, Urine, Stool, Endo Crinological, Sero & Immunological test , Reports etc.
Price details (₹. 15000)

Finance System:

Some of the features of this product are:Finance Items, Receipt Installemnts, Due Amount Report (With Interest), Analysis Profit Item Wise or Gurantor Wise , Account etc.
Price details (₹. 25000)

Milk Manager System:

This is product is based on the Hindi Language. Some of this product features are: Purchasing milk form Milk Man(with Weekly Payment), Sale Milk by Sales Man and from shop. Monthly statement of Home Delivery milk, Accounting, Address Book etc.
Price details (₹. 20000)

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